Hello -
Naive question:
I have an old eMac (PowerPC G4 (1.2); 167MHz bus) for which I just installed an Airport Extreme card; installation seems to be OK (ran it twice just to make sure), and I understand that the 167MHz bus will support the Airport Extreme.
I have a one-year old LinkSys wireless router (n?). The router is unsecured - open access - and I have no problem connecting through it to my ISP from both a PC running XP+SP2, and a MacBook Pro running OS X (10.5.8).
When I try to connect the eMac, I get the message that it cannot find a PPPoE server and that it cannot find the ISP. The set-up asks me for the Account Name (?; I put in the router designation that pops when when looking for the list of available networks), the password (unsecured), and the PPPoE service name ("optional").
What do I need, and where do I get it?
Thanks for reading and for anything you can do to help.