Upon my jealousy after my buddy purchased a time capsule I then realized how much better my time machine experience could be . I researched and found .. very easily I may add ... many articles about apple upgrading firmware for the airport Xtreme to use any drive connected through usb as a wireless backup for time machine . How convenient i thought , I then started to do my setup over so I could implement this idea . I have my (Mighty )Mini for my primary computer and a macbook for the all around the house computer ..

My question is ... There any way i can set it up to have my mini use wifi ONLY for the time machine backup and Ethernet for everything else like i have it now ? my plan was to backup BOTH my mini and macbook wireless . I currently have my mini doing backups hardwired and macbook I bring upstairs to the same drive and backup once a week

Was trying the search on google and this great forum but honestly trying to find good keywords for this scenario are little challenging .

Thanks for your time and any help you can give .