Hi I'm looking for a little help about my network at work. Here's the problem:

I just got a new iMac at work, a University. We have a network and IT guys who know nothing about Macs. I know a little about Macs from my personal use, but know nothing about networks.

Instead of putting the iMac on the network with an ethernet cord (because the port would have to be reset and its the first week back to school, IT is overloaded) the IT guy decided on getting my iMac on the network via Airport. Ok.

I have to download Microsoft certificate to authenticate my user name and password on the network. Check.

I can get into the iMac with the admin username/password and get on the network and Internet. When I log out and try to log in as my username/password nothing happens. I then have to go into the iMac under the admin and find the wireless is not being recognized. I have turn off Airport and turn it back on to get it to work. However, if I log off and try my username it happens again!

What do I need to do to get it to stop doing this and recognize the wireless after a restart?

Thanks in advance!