i sure could use some help. mac newbie trying to get my hp7410 all in one printer to work on time capsule (for wireless connect to cable modem) so both imac and 2 pcs (xp pro sp2) can use the multi-function printer. to date, all i've been able to get to work is the hp connected to time capsule and print from imac (via network). hp is a wireless and ethernet printer and has been setup to network (via wireless).

my setup -
- imac leopard os 10.5.X (the latest) with parallels vm -windows - can't 'find' hp printer on windows side. i also need scan capability on windows side.
- an old dell on another floor - can't 'find' hp printer. it has bonjour on it
- tablet pc (xp2 or 3) currently in for repair but must have access to hp.
- other goodies like: ebook drive, ez-dub writer, digi camera, ipod, etc.

from my readings here, i bought a wired hub which is connected to timecapsule...when hp printer is connected to hub, can print from imac, but can't scan or do the other multi-functions unless i direct connect it to imac. other hardware connected to hub is not recognized within imac. i really don't want to direct connect it to imac.

i have read (not fully understanding) the networking printing posts/threads, but still no luck. i don't want to go out and buy other equipment unless i know how to connect it and it will work. this nice looking wired hub is cute, but doesn't do what i thought it would do.

do i have a misunderstanding of how network is supposed to work? i thought it would allow me to network all, so everything could be accessible no matter which computer i was using. how can i get everything to get along and get some productive functionality from this expensive equipment? thanks so much.