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    In our network we have several mini's and a couple G3's running 9.2.2. When using chooser on the G3 (type in the IP address) to connect to a mini (all use Tiger), the dialogue always comes up for either Guest, or Registered user. Guest will always connect but only lets me access the mini's drop box. On the other hand, if I access the G3 from the mini,, I can get to everything on the G3 hard drive. So, 1), what am I doing wrong in not being able to access the complete mini hard drive from the G3, and 2)::
    9.2.2 permissions were set in File Sharing panel, and you had to enter the name and password of computer that is trying to access the G3. That's easy. But WHERE in the mini does one put the name and password permissions for computers that are allowed to access IT?? Help and thanks.

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    I will be no help but why not upgrade the G3 to Tiger and make life a bit simpler

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    Well, good question. The program we run on the G3 has to run on classic, so that's why I have 9.2.2. But you're right, I could just as well put Tiger on there and use Classic.

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    To share files on the mini you would need to goto


    You should see a list of services on the left, click on File Sharing. From here you can add permissions for specific folders/users on your network. Note, if you plan on sharing with Windows machines you will need to click the Options... button and add SMB sharing. If you are all Mac, the defaults should work fine.

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