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    Upgrade or replace?
    I have a 500g time machine backing up 4 laptops and it is now just out of warranty.
    My question is should I upgrade to a larger drive maybe 1.5 -2tb or sell it and get a nas with a couple of raid drives?
    I already have, and not using, a D-link DIR-825 I can use for the wireless so that is covered, and I am interested in the D-link DNS-323 with maybe a couple 1 - 1.5 tb drives.
    I would be using the drives as my time capsule as well as a file share for all our music which won't even register on the drives since we only have about 5g of mp3's, and also for backing up others computers before working on them.
    Not sure what a 500g time capsule would get me towards this new set up if that was the way you think I should lean.
    The cheaper solution I think is to upgrade the capsule but what would you do?

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    Aug 20, 2009
    I think you should buy 1 hard drive and connect with TM through usb port to expand.

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