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Thread: how can I find "MAC address"?

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    how can I find "MAC address"?
    My house was robbed, and through a complicated method I may be able to track my PS3. First I need to know it's "MAC address" -there is a possibility that I have this info in a text file on my computer. (Powerbook and Mac Pro) Anyone have a clue?

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    It won't be shown anywhere unless you copied it down when the PS3 was attached to your Mac. The MAC address is found by going to System Preferences, Network, and clicking on the particular item you wish to display the MAC address for. (Device ID) Since your PS3 is no longer attached, it won't show up.

    It's also possible that if you have the original manual for the PS3, its MAC address might be given on the specifications page along with its SN.


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    Do you have the box? Might be on there. You might be out of luck though.

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    There is a very slim chance that it could be in your router if you used a wireless connection. My D-link wireless router had this info stored in its wireless settings.

    There will be a unique MAC address for each connection type that the console has, ie- one for ethernet and one for wireless. I guess to locate the machine, you'd have to have the address for the type of connection they're using.
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