I feel like a total tool and a fool for asking, since I have a degree in telecommunications, but the wireless adapter is slaying my butt and cutting it in 2.

Here's my setup:
2 macs, 1 an intel 2.16ghz bought in 2007, and 1 iMac DV
Old D-link 802.11g wireless router DI-524 bought it in 2007

I can connect just fine wirelessly with my Nintendo DS and Wii.
The 360 detects my network, but it won't connect to it or live. I set everything to automatic. Don't need to configure PPoE because I'm not connected directly to the modem. I don't have it encrypted with WPA or WEP (Not necessary, since it has short range, and I'm out in the country. People would have to be in my yard to leech a signal - I just turn it off when I'm not using it - my neighbors are a good distance away from me). We also turn off the computers and router when we're not using them so spammers and hackers wouldn't get reliable connectivity.

I've gone through 2 used network adapters from Gamestop. The one I have now is new out of the box. Am I retarded, or doesn't the 360 wireless adapter work with an old D-link router? I'm thinking of maybe upgrading to 802.11n with airport express, but that might be overkill for me. Would an 802.11n work with it even?