Greeting everyone.
I desperately need a new router, I made a mistake and went cheap and am (as expected) paying for it now.
So, I was thinking of upgrading to 802.11N using Time Capsule. But have a few questions.
First here's what I am running.
MacBook - Steaming video, VoIP, gaming, browsing
Xbox - on Xbox Live
Vista PC - (same stuff as MacBook)
iPhone - VoIP (I've been using Skype voice chat while @home to avoid using cell minutes)
I've noticed that while my son is either on the Xbox or watching videos on his PC my connection suffers. If he's on Xbox for example I cannot make a VoIP call. We have a 10.0 Mbps connection. I've tested it from my MacBook and we're actually getting what we're paying for!
Anyway, I was hoping upgrading to N might help with the bogging down of the connection. But I know my iPhone and the Xbox will not work on N.
So here's my thought. My MacBook is already setup for N, so I can upgrade the PC to N with a new PCI card (but will it work with Airport?). Hook the Xbox up to Airport with LAN. Stop using my iPhone for VoIP and get a cheap Skype headset or something.
Would any of that help?
I've tried connecting the Xbox to the current router via LAN and it doesn't change anything. Of course it is a cheap Netgear router.
Other issues I'd like to resolve are, ability to wirelessly connect to my printer and have a connection to a backup HD for Time Machine and have access to my external HD without dragging it out, messing with wires etc.
So I figure with Time Capsule I can connect my printer and external HD (to expand storage) using a USB hub.
Will the MacBook and PC be able to share files on Time Capsule? I have a rather extensive music/photo library on my external HD, I'd like to be able to have more ready access to it both on the PC and MacBook. Hoping this would work, either by moving them to a shared directory on Time Capsule or perhaps upgrade my HD enclosure to something with cooling and keep it hooked up and accessible via Airport.
It seems that Time Capsule would be an improvement over the cheap Netgear overall even if I have to run in G, and help with printer/storage as well.
So I'd like your thoughts, or even suggestions on perhaps a better configuration for my usage.
Thanks in advance for the help, I've always found this forum to be very helpful in the past.