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    Aug 04, 2009
    Hi i dont know if anyone can help me, but i am new to macbook's got my first macbook pro 2 days ago.

    And I have set the internet up, and all works ok but it keeps losing the connection, i think it is the macbook not the router because the dell never lost the signal, i am in the back bedroom and the router is downstairs, on the dell i could see the signal strength and it was staying at 4 which was good..not full signal but fast enough....

    Any ideas?

    thank you

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Birmingham, UK
    If possible, try relocating your router. I know this isn't always easy to do but wireless performance can vary between laptop to laptop and your Dell might just have been better at dealing with the deadspot in your bedroom than the Mac is.

    Also, I guess you are using 802.11g as your wireless standard (also known as Wireless G). You could try getting an 802.11n (Wireless N or draft N 2.0) router, which massively improves wireless performance. I did this and it solved any reception issues I was having in the house with the Mac, which has a wireless N adapter in it.

    Most of these wireless N routers are compatible with wireless G products, so if you've got other computers in the house with G adapters you should be OK, although I have to admit some of my wireless G devices stopped working when I went to N...

    Hope this helps!

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