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    Smile networking my macbook and my pc?
    hi i am new to mac and was wondering if there is a way to network my macbook and my windows baced pc so i can get music and movies off my pc and on to my macbook?

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    Sure do you have both computers on a wired or wireless network already? If so, to turn on File Sharing (to other computers) on OS X head to the Sharing section of System Preferences (found via the Apple menu).

    Accessing a share (unless you have changed the defaults) can be done by opening Finder and select the appropriate machine from the 'Shared' section on the left-hand pane (applies to both shares from both OS X and Windows).

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    Well the pc is wired and the MacBook is wire less

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    On your Win machine - open up Windows Explorer - find your My Documents folder and right click on it.

    In the popup menu select 'Sharing and Security'

    In the box that pops up - put a check next to 'Share this folder on the network'
    Set the Share Name to whatever you would like
    If they're both your computers and user accounts you can check off 'Allow network users to change my files' - I usually don't

    Click on Apply and OK

    Windows will do it's thing - it should how up in Finder on your Mac in just a minute or so. It'll be listed under 'Shared' in the sidebar.

    If you don't have a section called 'Shared' on the sidebar - open up Finder Preferences and on the General tab - you can put a check next to everything under the Shared section - won't hurt anything

    Of course, this will share everything in the documents folder - if you don't want to do that, it's the same actions for sharing only your music or video folders.
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