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    Arrow Do i need Dual Band?
    I'm planning on getting an Airpot Extreme and wondered do i actually need the extra cost of Dual Band?

    I am running a..

    White Macbook 07
    Intel Core iMac white one.
    Macbook Pro late 08
    HP PC on Vista
    Everyone now and again an iPhone

    Basically just for browsing the internet the odd file transfer nothing too big, if i get a time capsule one that will work with the Macbook Pro. The PS3 is just for copying and updates not much online play.

    So would i get the use out of Dual Band?


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    Having dual band or dual antenna - different features and if money is an issue one of the older round extremes do a good job of 802.11g which most devices use these days. Dual band means 802.11a/b/g/n but systems slows to that of the slowest device currently connected. Dual Antenna allows simultaneous 11n and 11g but with your devices above and considering $$$ probably of limited benefit.

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