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    Question MacBook Pro not working with Wireless in Bootcamp
    I haven't seen any recent or relevant help with this (but thank you for the help I did find!), and it's honestly my first encounter with the problem. (This is what I get for having a PC for a year...)

    We have a 2.33 Core Duo2 MBP, and we've upgraded the RAM to 4GB and the HDD to 320GB. Tonight, we (my fiancÚ and I) have been trying, without success, to get his fresh install of XP to connect to the internet, but my Google Fu fails.

    Previously, we had Windows 7 installed, but the beta is over/soon over, so it was back to XP. We have always had problems getting Bootcamp to partition the drive correctly, so after dealing with those usual problems, we were quite annoyed by this connectivity issue.

    Obviously, as I am typing this from my MacBook, and he's playing FFXI on the 360, the internet is working. All is well and good on the Mac partition, as well. All XP is telling me is that it can't get an IP address from the router.

    I was never good with this networking stuff. Halp!

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    Make sure you have all the drivers installed for XP. Insert your Leopard DVD and the driver installation should start automatically. Sounds like maybe the drivers for your airport card are missing.

    You can check that by opening the hardware device tree from Control Panel, System, Hardware Devices. If the airport device has an exclamation mark over it ! that means the driver is missing or something is not functioning correctly.


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