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Thread: Add Wireless Capability

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    Add Wireless Capability
    Greetings. This is my first message to this board.

    I have a question regarding adding wireless networking capability to my home.

    I have a newish, weeks-old non-wireless DSL router in my home and an older Mac (about five or six years old) desktop which I've connected to the router via an ethernet cable.

    Now I am interested in creating a wireless network to connect new family iphones and itouches and realize that I might have simply purchased a wireless router -- but I do like the fast connection speeds the ethernet allows.

    Here's the question. Do I have to scrap the non-wireless router and buy a new wireless DSL modem? Or is there some hardware I can add to the system to allow wireless?

    Thanks in advance.

    Jim Swayze

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    You need to purchase a new wireless router. You can not add wireless to a router that is designed only to function by ethernet.


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