Long time reader first time poster.

So my roommate and I have had separate ISPs for a while. We did this because we didn't want to interfere on each others bandwidth. Now he wants to ditch his dsl and go onto my cable because it's superior in speed. I have a pre 2009 aebs and an old express g (which I was going to hook up to my printer before I read of WDC halving the bandwidth with old expresses, solutions to this would be apprectiated). I would like to give him access without letting him on my network. I have a few externals plugged into the aebs, and while I have them password protrtected, I'd rather he not see them. There are other setups I have, and if I could avoid him being on it that be great. I know the new aebs have guest networking, but I don't want to buy new hardware. I was thinking of plugging my express into an Ethernet port on the aebs to avoid the WDC issue, and broadcasting a new network.

Other issue is limiting his bandwidth. I'm at a lost here unless I went with the express plugged into the aebs and turned off g and only had b running.

Oh, and we made our decision on doing different ISPs mutually with the knowledge that if one wanted to join the other's we could limit their usage and access. He knows this and still thinks he'll be faster limited as I see fit.