Hopefully someone here can help cause i've tried every single guide on the internet (or so it feels).
I wanna port forward a port for uTorrent and i have a airport EXPRESS and run on OSX 10.5.7.
I tried creating and using a static ip (dont know if i did it correctly though) and it still didnt work. I also tried using NAT protocol since uTorrent supports this. The final thing i treid was downloading a program called Port Map which supposedly helps me create "mappings" to a chosen port etc.
I'm not extremely tech savvy but if u give me instructions ill know how to follow them

Here are some screenshots:
The preference panel in uTorrent:
Yfrog - agk.jpg

My preferences in Airport Utility:
Yfrog - picture2krd
Yfrog - picture2krd

My TCP/IP preferences:
Yfrog - q21y.jpg

Creating a new mapping in Port Map:
Yfrog - lmy.jpg

Link to where i downloaded Port Map:
Port Map and TCMPortMapper

pleasepleaseplease help me