Have been using this drive plugged directly into the firewire port of my Macbook Pro for some time now with no problems.
Recently I bought an Airport Extreme and have connected it. I also use a BT HomeHub and have connected this to the AE by an Ethernet cable. When I use TimeMachine to back up to the drive, after about 1 to 2 hours I get the error "The backup image could not be created".
When I click on "Change Disk" in TimeMachine I can see the Iomega drive listed. I have also changed the AirPort Extreme Name and Wireless Name listed in Airport Utility to one of 8 characters as I thought long names could be the reason but I still get the error.
When I run Disk Utility I cannot see the Iomega drive listed. Could this be significant?
I deleted the data from the Iomega drive before connecting it to the Airport Extreme
My machine is a MacBook Pro 2.4 2.4Ghz running Mac OS X 10.5.7
Would be grateful for your help.