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    Workgroup name not howing up in add Printer
    I successfully made the 2 laptops (xp, vista) share the desktop xp's printer, but the mac wouldn't work, It connected and it tried to print, but some error. It also is using a different driver, so that may be why. Anyway, I deleted the printer, and restarted, and now no matter what I do, the workgroup name (HOME) will not show up in the add printer window in the windows tab. It worked before, I can't figure out why its not there. I was apple to set it up with CUPS at htto://localhost:631/printers (and its still not working because I havn't got the right driver for it), but does anyone know why the workgroup won't show up in the add printer window? The workgroup is set, I didn't change it since it worked.. Thanks.

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    Aug 06, 2009
    Ok now its working.. nevermind about that.. But it still won't work, even when I have the right driver. On the desktop pc that the printer is connected to's screen it says Printer Error 1. Check the printer's settings 2. Press the OK button on the printer (which does nothing). Any ideas?

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    I too, am having a similar problem networking my macbook to a windows (Vista) shared printer. Basically, i added a Canon MP210 printer in "Print & Faxes". To do this I clicked add printer and selected the "Windows" tab. I then chose the workgroup that my windows shared printer is associated with. Finally, I selected the Canon MP210 printer. I already downloaded and installed the correct driver on the official Canon site.

    Now I try to print... and the information is sent to my PC as I can see a queue of "1" in control panel>printers below the "Canon MP210 printer". My Macbook brings up the pop up dialogue that says it is printing. A couple minutes pass and I get an error. "Error number : 311"

    Mk12, i'm not sure if this is the same problem specifically but I found some information on setting up windows shared printers with Mac OSX 10.5. But apparently it doesn't solve my problems or i'm doing something wrong.. anyway take a look quick look at this.. maybe it'll help

    link 1 procedure

    link 2 procedure

    Any help would be much appreciated to fix this Mac to Windows shared printing problem.

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