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Thread: After The Last Update, My Airport Won't Work Unless I Connect My Mac To A Powersource

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    Lightbulb After The Last Update, My Airport Won't Work Unless I Connect My Mac To A Powersource
    first i didn't know what was happening...
    i tried restartin rooter, restarting modem...for many times...
    i called my internet provider and the operator said everything was fine...
    than i conected the enternet cable... and the internet started working perfectly...
    i tried to connect to the wireless network, it connects to the wireless rooter, but the internet isn't working...
    so i just plugged my macbook pro to the powersource and everything is working fine... when i unplug the powersoucer, the airport remains connected, but the internet won't work..or works verrrrry slow...about 3 min per page...and so on...
    if i don't connect the powersouce, the wireless internet won't work!

    i didn't have this problem before the update...
    anyone else is having this problem, or does anyone know how can i repair it?

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    software update connectivity problems
    yes, I am also having the same problem. After repeatedly checking Network Diagnostics and restarting my modem and router, my connections are spotty at best-even with power cord connection. We have another MacBook in the house that did NOT update and they are not having problems...sooo it seems as though the update is the issue. I am working on different things to try and fix this right now-with outside expert help of course. Will surely post as soon as we resolve this. Please do the same if you find a fix. Makes me very wary of future updates. Seems to also have affected my son's iPod touch too. We both wish we never updated...

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    I have the same issue, but with my MacBook only not my iPhone.

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    Same issue over here ..... Wireless only works when connected to a power source
    When on battery ..... no luck
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