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    When good Airports go bad
    I have an older airport (~2005) that has until recently worked perfectly fine. A couple of weeks ago we started noticing random outages. Sometime you couldn't connect. Sometimes you just got dropped. These were solvable by doing a power re-cycle. Then all of a sudden we got NO connection. I tried the re-cycle a few times to no avail.

    I would power up the airport and it would do it's thing. When the center light was on steady, I would power up the modem. The modem would do it's thing but just as the last green light on the modem came in steady all the lights on the Airport would start flashing and I could not get online.

    When I direct connect the modem to the computer and everything works fine. I set up a different modem and it worked fine direct connected but not going through the Airport. I even tried a hard re-set and set up a new wireless connection but neither worked. Always the same result: the Airport cycles up fine but once the modem is fully ready (all the green lights are steady) it's lights start going crazy.

    I generally keep updates up to date and I can't think of any changes that were made to cause these issues.


    thanks in advance

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    They do die alas and sounds like time for a replacement. Even new routers do, like my Open 625W turned up its toes 14 days out of warranty. Clever little devils ain't they?.

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    Sounds like it has died. You aren't the only one, I just had to replace my Airport Express last fall as mine had died too.
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