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    Question Slow Wireless on Macbook Pro
    Hello all,

    I just recently purchased a new macbook pro. It seems the wireless internet with it is extremely slow. If i boot up into windows on it the internet works fast as it always has. Also if i try my other laptop(pc with windows) it works fine too.
    I have googled and tried a few things I have found such as changing to wpa2 or wep2? for the router settings. Also using firefox instead of safari(this showed some improvement). However, all that still leaves me with my wireless still slow on the mac os side.
    Does anyone know anything I can try? I am still learning quite a bit about the mac os so.
    Thanks you

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    Unfortunately OS X wireless doesn't handle DNS addressing as well as Windows does. I had the same slow problem on my MacBook in OS X but not Windows. What I did was switch to OpenDNS and never looked back. By the way, slow DNS response doesn't happen with every ISP, only certain ones. I use Verizon. Go to the OpenDNS web site to get started.


    Follow the above instructions to switch to OpenDNS. And... don't change your mode of security. Leave it at WPA2, do not use WEP.


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    Thanks for that info, as I have been getting a little frustrated with the slow speed while surfing.

    I have followed the guide and I have gained a huge speed increase.

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