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    Question How to access back up files from XP
    So I am new to Mac and just got a MPB 13". I set up my time capsule device and it works great. I can connect to the internet and pretty easily back up files. However, I am totally CLUELESS when it comes to accessing these files from my Dell running Windows XP. The Dell easily finds the wireless network and that works great. But how can I get this machine to find the back up files? Is there a download or something?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Time Capsule's hard drive is formatted with HFS+, which can only be recognized by a Mac computer. This means your Dell with Windows XP won't be able to see Time Capsule's backup files. Windows XP formats it's drives with NTFS, not HFS+.

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    I'm not sure if this means it can access back up files, but...

    "Wireless drive sharing.

    Time Capsule also works great as a wireless hard drive, whether you have a Mac or a PC. It sets up in a snap, giving you a networked hard drive you can use for storing and sharing all kinds of files. If you're a MobileMe member using a Mac with Mac OS X Leopard, you can even access the files on the drive over the Internet.5"

    Time Capsule - 1 TB - Apple Store (U.S.)

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    "Apple Time Capsule MB764LL/A 500GB with Time Machine in Leopard is the ideal backup solution. But that doesn’t mean Tiger, Windows XP, and Windows Vista users can’t enjoy the benefits of Time Capsule, too. Because Time Capsule mounts as a wireless hard drive, Tiger and Windows users simply access Time Capsule directly from the wireless network for exchanging and storing files quickly and easily.

    Time Capsule works effortlessly with any computer that uses Wi-Fi standards, whether it’s a Mac or whether it’s a Dell, HP, IBM, or any other Windows-based PC. That’s because Time Capsule is based on a draft 802.11n specification and is compatible with the earlier 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g specifications."

    Apple Time Capsule MB764LL/A 500GB | Reviews | Features | Specifications | Drivers

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    Drive format over a network is transparent. Windows can read the Mac and vice versa as long as they're networked. Make sure your Dell is setup correctly for network sharing and can "see" the TC.

    See the following Link for help.

    Another helpful Link.


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