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    Macbook Pro wont see network
    Hi All, I have a small network of PC's in our sales office and i am having problems getting a Macbook Pro to see the PC's.

    The Mac Book is visible from my vista PC and i can access the shared printer folders etc but no computers show up on the mac. Am i missing something obvious?

    I need to connect to one of the PC's to share one of the office printers. The Mac was connected previously but i had to change some printers round in the office and now i cant get the mac to see anything.

    Any help would be appreciated as the mac belongs to my Boss and i am getting a lot of agro cause he cant print!!!!

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    Aug 03, 2009
    Hi All, Don't know how or why but the MBP has decided it wants too see the PC'S again!!!

    I haven't changed any settings on any of the machines but all my office PC's are now listed and accessible.

    Any ideas what might be causing this finicky connection? I have been browsing similar posts and it appears to be a fairly common problem with no real resolution.

    At least my Boss can stop moaning for 10 minutes LOL.

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    I see this quite a bit with the Finder and Windows networks. We have about 300+ computers in my office and the Shared/Network view is a bit flaky. I am not crossing my fingers but hopefully one of the benefits to the Finder being rewritten/revamped in Snow Leopard is a bit more stability for this the very least a bit more predictability :-)

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    ok, I am having the same problem as the above posts. PC's on the network can see my macbook, but the shared pc's come and go in the finder window. Has there not been a solution to this problem in over a year???

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