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    Macbook pro WIFI connection problems
    Hello everyone, I am new in the MAC forums being that I just purchased my mackbook pro two weeks ago.

    I am having an issue with wifi connections crashing everywhere I go. I googled it and saw that it was a common issue, but couldn't really find a solution. I know it is because of the macbook, because when I use my dell, wifi works fine with no complications the whole time it is being used. But when i use the MBP, I am able to use it for about 20 minutes it would flake out and i would look at my router and the lights would be red, showing it being disconnected, and id have to wait til lights on router would go back to solid green. I have the 2wire router/modem that comes with at&t DSL service.

    Could this be because I am connected to a WEP connection instead of a WPA? If so, how do I change it?

    Please help me if you have had this problem and know how to fix it. Thanks!

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    If you could help me, please post a step by step fix. I am a NOOB. thanks!

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    I have the SAME problem in my office.. I need help figuring out how to fix it.. also posted this problem in another topic.. under this section.

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    Can no one help me?

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    I have the same problem!

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    First things first:

    1) Check with the manufacturer of your routers support documentation and see if there are any known incompatibility issues with the router and AirPort Express (the name of the Wifi card in your Mac)

    2) Make sure your router is upgraded to the latest firmware. Often incompatibility issues are addressed by later firmware from your manufacturer.

    Doing a quick google for your router shows that you are not the only one having issues. I have never used this model before so I can't give specifics but going directly to the source is always your best bet for compatibility issues.

    Looking at the 2Wire site and doing a simple search with their support portal yields the following: Support

    Probably a good place to start.

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