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    Leopard and XP networking
    Hi guys,

    I've managed to connect my network computers together (iMac with Leopard, PC with Windows XP Pro and Laptop - also with XP Pro) the only problem I have now is that the iMac doesn't display the network drives in the Finder.

    I can access iMac from PC and Laptop, but cannot access PC and the laptop from the iMac.

    I've done all of the steps that need to be done in order to connect them together and both PCs have Sharing for the specific user set up.

    iMac has all File sharing with SMB, I've set access for specific services and applications in the Firewall settings, all machines have the same users with the same passwords, Finder has Connected Servers checkbox checked - all seem to be done as it should - except I cannot see the network drives at all.

    Any idea what I should do to make it happen?

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    Are your Mac and PC's part of the same Workgroup? This is typically the problem when going from Mac to Windows.

    Go to SystemPreferences->Network

    Depending on which type of connection you are using you should see an 'Advanced' button down on the right hand side of the preference pane. Click this:

    You will be presented with multiple tabs, you want to select 'WINS'

    You should see a screen with NETBIOS Name and a drop down box for your workgroup.

    You should enter in (if it's not listed) the name of the workgroup of your PC's. Typically on Windows this defaults to WORKGROUP or with later versions of Windows I think it may be MSHOME

    Click Ok, apply.

    Note, also try connecting to one of your PC's directly. You can do this in the Finder by doing

    Go->Connect to Server (Command + K)

    In the dialogue box type


    See if that allows you to connect.

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