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    Mac connects to network but not internet!
    My sister just bought her first Mac and can't get it to connect to the internet. We've had success connecting it at other peoples houses, just not her own. Airport receives full bars and connects to the network no problem but she can't get anything from the internet.

    She has a Belkin router and a Netcomm modem.

    Neither of us are particularly network savvy, and she lives about 7 hours away from me which is making things a little bit difficult.

    Network diagnostics show that everything except Internet and Server are working fine. If you need more info to help, let me know what it is and how to find it. I'll pass the message on and get back to you...
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    Have you tried connecting another Mac to the Internet at her house?

    Are you sure she is connecting to the right network, and not a computer-to-computer network?

    How old is her Mac? Is it brand new from an Apple store? What kind of network card does she have in it? (802.11a/b/g/n) If she doesn't have 802.11n, and the router is 802.11n, then the router might not be set for compatibility with older cards.

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