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Thread: Mac Mini won't even recognize a network

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    Unhappy Mac Mini won't even recognize a network
    My Mac Mini won't even recognize my network! It doesn't even show up on the list! No wireless network will show up at all. I use my wireless network for my iPod Touch and my laptop just fine but for some reason, I cannot get my Mini to see it.

    What do I do? I just bought Air Sharing Pro for my iPod Touch and I can't get my Mini to work with it because they both need to use wireless.

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    Do any other wireless networks show up? Also, go to System Preferences -> Networks. Check to see if Airport is on.


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    Also which model Mac Mini is this? Power PC G4 or an Intel Mini?

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    It's the Intel Mac Mini, no other networks show up, Airport is on.

    My original post seemed to make me sound a bit technically impaired... Although, I'm actually a PC technician, hahaha. I can fix PC's no problem but no way would I ever use one for home use... which leads me to this little problem...

    Tried flushing out the plists and setting defaults as well as resetting the router but still no luck. Most likely a Mac problem and not a router problem as no other networks will show up... Any thoughts? =\

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    if internet is coming over wifi:
    click on the signal bars(they should be gray if you have no wifi connection) in the right corner corner, four over if it is configured the same way I have mine. then press join other network and type in the network name if you have a password choose the security type the press join.

    if you do not see gray signal bars in the corner activate them by doing the following
    1. press the apple logo in top left corner
    2. click "system preferences..."(4 down the list)
    3. press "show all"
    4. click "network"( third row down)
    5. click "AirPort"( it has blue signal bars next to it) (if underneath air port it says off you just found your problem)
    6. check the box that says "show AirPort status in menu bar"
    7. follow the steps in first paragraph

    it is not the ipod touch. I also have a ipod touch and a intel imac and they both run internet at the same time

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