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    Hi, Im new to the forums but I really need help and I was hoping someone could help?

    Im using a Mac os x server. We are having problems with the Windows file sharing. When we share drives they share fine. But on windows machines some of the folders in these drives have problems. Some of the folders names in the share have different names.

    For example in one folder we had a folder called PROPOSALS this is fine on the Mac workstations but on windows machines the folder name will show completely different on windows. The folder proposals showed as PDJ45~6H. This has happened all over the share to loads of folders at random. Thats not all though if we tried to open these folders we get an error saying that its not accessible.

    This has happened all over the server meaning loads of data is inaccessible by some of us on windows machines. What is causing the problem and what can I do to sort this out?

    Thanks Tom

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    Although Windows (from Win 95 onwards) supports long filenames, it also stores the name in the 8.3 DOS format. For example, the "Windows" folder having only seven letters is called "Windows", but "Program Files" is called "Progra~1" and "Documents and Settings" is "Docume~1".

    If the folder names you're using have characters that are valid in Mac OS X or Unix but invalid in Windows, this might cause Windows to attempt to use the "short form" name, which in the Mac isn't actually a valid DOS name.

    As you can see, your folder names are being truncated to 8 characters, so check that you don't have any invalid characters in their names.

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