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Thread: Wifi printer problems

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    Wifi printer problems
    We bought a macbook pro for the GF for school and it came with a Lexmarkx4650 mfp wifi printer but I cannot get it to work. What is odd is that it will print from the basic mac text program but not from the mac version of microsofet word we got with gonna slice this apple

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    Jul 31, 2009
    well then lads. i am very let down by mac support now 23 reads and not one idear. bollocks this is gutted the first mac book we buy dies 5 mins from start up now no printer mac support or even some one to tell me the im stupid and have an answer for me?

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    1. Like pretty much every other forum you're going to find out there (with the exception of possibly, there are no professional Mac people here. No one is paid to be here. This site is made up of and browsed by people just like you. There are no apple support techs sitting somewhere just waiting to troubleshoot every new thread that pops up.

    2. Having said that, there are some pretty knowledgeable folks that hang out around here. But with the information you have provided, there's not much anyone is going to be able to do.

    So, printing works in one app but not in another. How did you install the printer? What happens when you try to print? What type of error message do you get? Don't believe we have any mind readers here.

    You want real "Apple" support? Pick up the phone and call Apple. You have 90 days free tech support even without the purchase of the extended Applecare. There, they'll ask the necessary questions to obtain the info they need to help.

    Here, you'll need to provide the necessary info, or none of us mere mortals will have a clue of how to help you out.

    edit: And here in the U.S., most of us mere mortals are sleeping between midnight and 4 am and many of us have real jobs we must go to during the day. With your 2nd post, some of those mortals may decide they don't want to help. With that, I've gotta be off to the daily grind myself.
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