I have tried the search function, but everyone elses problems seem slightly different. I have tried to be as detailed as possible.

I have a home networking system. I have a 2 other PC machines and an iTouch running that have no problem connecting to my wireless network. Internet is via hi-speed cable, plus I have a Linksys router. My PowerBook G4 12 is running OS 10.5.6, connects via Airport Extreme.

This problem has presented itself after my Mac has been drained to 0% power supplier while using the battery. Now fully charged and connected to the power supply I am unable to connect to the internet.

I start up the powerbook and try to connect to the Internet, I am unable to, though my Airport icon is illuminated and the correct network (linksys, in my case) is selected. I have run Network Diagnostics, and after going through
a same series of steps, it tells me that I'm connected to the Internet and all is fine. I am wondering what might be wrong in my Airport configurations that is causing this problem.

To help clarify things for you, I will describe the steps I go
through on Network Diagnostics:


After seeing that diagnosis, it puts me through a series of
prompts, on which I click CONTINUE:

--Location: Automatic
--Port Configuration: Airport
--I select the Airport Network (linksys)
--Pop up window appears saying "Your network configuration has changed click OK to proceed to the next step
--I click okay, but as this window appears all previous green and yellow setting turn red except Airport which remains green
--It now asks for WEP password, which I key in and hit continue.
--It then Says Unable to join airport Network
THis computer was unable to joion the Airport Network you selected. You have entered an incorrect password or network name, chosen the wrong type of wireless security, or you may be out of range of the base station. To change your previous choices click Go Back.
--Only after I turn the airport off and on again does it show as connected again, but still unable to connect through Safari or Firefox.

I have tried power resetting the network, in the correct order, I have reset Safari, restarted Powerbook, all to no positive result.
Any suggestion for how to solve it ?