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Thread: can't get into my router's configuration page

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    can't get into my router's configuration page
    I have a dlink router and the model is DI-524 I entered the ip which is the correct ip for my router. It asks for my username and my password. Since my router is on default settings the username should be admin and my password should be blank but it didn't work. Anyone know how I can access it?

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    just put in admin AND password
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    I had the exact same problem with my D-Link router. Followed the instructions to enter "admin" like you said and no password. Never could get it to work.
    Fortunately, mine came with a trial version of the Network Management software (forget the name for it) and I just used that to set up my connections and peripherals access.
    Try calling D-Link. I'm wiling to bet they've heard complaints already and should have a solution for you.

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    On my Linksys you leave the name blank and use admin as the password.
    Been that way on all the routers I've used.
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    hit the reset button on the router and it will go to the default u/p
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