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    configuring for access while traveling
    I have a G4 Titanium PowerBook with an airport card. At home I have a dial-up connection to a local ISP in rural Alaska.

    This summer I will be doing some traveling in the lower 48. How can I configure my computer to use wireless connections or access via computer ports in hotels while I am travelling? Do I need to join a nationwide ISP?

    Thanks in advance. Annette

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    you can use an app to find wifi networks like kismac or macstumbler, then save it as a new location in your network preferences if it is a place you'll be at or return to.

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    Well you'll want a national ISP if you plan on dialing up. Otherwise if you have an airport card and your hotels/restaurants/coffee shops offer Wifi you'll be able to use that. Some provide it for free, others charge an hourly or daily fee. Using the WiFi is easy and the Mac just configures itself to use any network.
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