Okay, here's my setup:

iMac G4 Desktop, hardwired to an Airport Extreme base station. (OS X 10.4)
AE, of course, hardwired to my DSL modem
MacBook Pro 15" Intel Duo, connecting to AE through its built-in Airport card. (OS X 10.5)

All of these work as they should--internet connection speeds are great, for instance. So what's the problem?

What I'd like to have is two-way complete file sharing between the two Macs--everything on the iMac (except for system files, naturally) can be accessed through the MacBook, and vice-versa. As it is, I have to move things between those "Public" folders for either machine to access them, which is irritating. I'd like to be able to grab a file on the iMac desktop from the couch using the MacBook without having to run over to the iMac and chuck whatever it is that I wanted into the "Public" folder first.

Is this even possible?