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    Airport Extreme Flashing Orange
    I have been having this problem for a while now, but just joined this forum to see if anyone could offer any help. Came home from work a couple weeks ago and noticed the airport flashing orange, but didn't think anything of it, wireless still worked fine. Next morning there was no connection. Couldn't get any help from apple b/c I've had the product over one year. I have tried unplugging, resetting, etc. now my airport utility doesn't recognize that the airport even exists. I was told by a genius that they are only really built to last a year or two! I couldn't believe it. I don't want to purchase another one every year!

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    first of all "Apple Genius" is a HUGE overstatement (most of the time)

    the extreme recently had a firmware upgrade and it could be causing your problem. you have the option to downgrade back to the last couple of firmwares in Airport Utility so try going back to the last one that was working for you and see if this helps. this will most likely solve your problem. people often have problems with certain upgrades.

    my old extreme that i sold to friend when i went to the gigabit has been running for years with no problems. it will last
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