Hi guys,

I'm looking for a bit of advice on time machine. At the moment I have an AEBS hooked up to an external hard drive, with two Mac laptops backing up wirelessly to the external HD using time machine. Lovely.

Well it is when it works.... which is not very often.

Basically I am having lots of problems with corrupted backups. I have previously read that this often happens when the AEBS 'airdisk' feature is being used concurrently by two or more Macs.

What I want to know is this: if instead of this setup I connect an old mac via ethernet cable to the AEBS, add the external HD via firewire to this mac, and then set up some sharepoints on the old mac (basically using it as a fileserver machine), will this be more reliable for using as a time machine backup location for my other two macs?

I.e. Will using a 'proper' fileserver help to reduce the frequency of dropped/corrupted backups that I am getting using the HD connected directly to the AEBS?

Any advice/tips greatly appreciated!