Everyone should first refer to the thread by TotallyBonkers (thanks, Daniel!) who posted OSX compatible drivers for this reliable Belkin USB N dongle. Daniel helped many of us to get easy and cheap wireless N going on our older MACs. I found out by accident another driver set that also works with this dongle. I purchased a Rosewill RNX-EasyN1 dongle for $10 during a Newegg special offer and tried it out on an old Powerbook and MDD PowerMac and it worked great with awesome wireless speeds. When I replaced back the Belkin dongle, I found the RosewillUSB wireless utility is completely compatible with the Belkin dongle and can be downloaded from the Rosewill site. If you can't get the modified OSX Belkin driver, then I suggest trying out the Rosewill OSX driver and you'll be able to get N connectivity on your wireless network for your older machines. Good luck.