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    AirTunes Connectivity and External drives
    Hey everyone! New member here. I'm in the process on making "the switch". I've had enough with PC. In my research I discovered AirTunes. Being an iPhone owner this is even more of a benefit for me. Although Apples website doesn't really answer a question that I have, well two:

    1. I know the Express can send and receive wifi, but can they be connected to work as zones via wired connection? I'd prefer wired over wifi, I think they can but not sure.

    2. Now granted this was on a PC, but does iTunes really have to be running for the remote app for the iPhone to be able to connect? Is this the same on a mac? And if so could I instead, use a external harddrive plugged into an Airport Extreme with my music and let the Extreme "host" it's own library? Or does it have to be iTunes on a mac? Not sure if this possible.

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    1. Configuring AirPort Express on a wired-only Ethernet network
    2. I am pretty sure iTunes must be on to use Remote.

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    mdfuller is correct. iTunes must be running to use the iPhone remote. You won't be able to plug in an external drive to the Express and play music from it.
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    Duh! I never thought to look on the support page. Man thats too bad about having itunes running. Oh well just an excuse for a mac mini on the TV

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