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    Unhappy Macbook does not go online thru rotuer (WPA security)
    Hi guys..My Macbook does not go online. Below is the situation and what I have:
    1. I have switched to comcast cable modem (12mgb..)
    2. RCA Modem from Comcast
    3. NetGear router with WPA security level did not work make the macbook go line
    4. Second router Belkin (MAC compatible) did not work make the macbook go line neither
    5. Both of them had WPA security. The Belkin even have a WPA/WPA2 security
    6. MB says it is connected but doe not reach any web page
    7. Worked with Belking support's and they added a and IP addresses on the DNS screen from MAC
    8. They also turned off/on the airport to recognize new network and the MB did
    9. It reached internet at first, but when I restart the MB it does not go to internet again.
    10. MB OS X is a 10.5.7
    11. PS: My MB can go online thru another non-secure router. I believe is a WPA compatibility problem.

    So that is what happening. I dont know if the MBs have a conflict with WPA security but it is very frustated not having it going to internet.

    Please help..!!

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    It should work, have you turned the macbooks own firewall off?
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