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    Jul 18, 2009
    Angry Macbook wireless "blinking" on an off.
    Hello all. I have a problem w/ my macbook and/or my wireless that I need your help with.

    My macbook wireless connection is rhythmically "blinking" on an off. It essentially goes from full connection to off w/o out notice and in in apparently random intervals. Sometime I will remain connected for 30 mins w/o incident and sometimes it will "blink" nonstop.

    Here are some facts that might aid in diagnosis.

    I am connected with a Time Warner cable RCA modem which indicates that the internet is uninterrupted. I have powered down and reset the modem numerous times.

    I am running an apple airport extreme which also indicates that wireless is running uninterrupted (constant green light). I have the network set-up as a WPA/WPA2 using DHCP (did I say that right?). I have powered down the airport and even restored it to factory settings setting it up anew.

    I have turned off bluetooth.

    My GF's macbook (newer model) is having no problem remaining connected to the wireless. This makes me think the problem is hardware related.

    I have no problem connecting to my law school's network wirelessly which I believe is an 801.2x (or something like that). This makes me doubt that it is hardware related.

    My macbook is about 3 years old and other than this issue runs remarkably well. If this is hardware related I will certainly bring it in to an apple store (still have about 2mo. left on apple care) but I don't want to bring it in if it will not exhibit the symptoms (a la my school connection).

    Let me know if there is any more information I can give to help w/ a diagnosis of the problem and thanks in advance for any input.

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    Jul 18, 2009
    Any takers?

    One recent development I have noticed (only two days in a row so a small sample size) is that when I stream radio to some speakers via my airport the "blinking" has yet to occur.

    Could this be some sort of inactivity disconnect when I am merely surfing the web?

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    Did you find a solution?
    I'm having the same issue currently. Did you ever figure out the issue?

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