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Thread: modem/airport password problem

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    Jul 10, 2009
    modem/airport password problem
    My old iBook and airport card will only accept a WEP password but my provider has send me a new wifi modem which will only accept a WPA password - so no wifi. Has anyone else come across this and found a solution, other than buying a new computer?

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    A possible solution is to use your own WiFi router or modem instead of the one your provider sent you. However, most routers, even new ones support all three current forms of encryption. What make model WiFi router did they send you? It may be all you have to do is reset it to factory default and then reenter the parameter options. It might support WEP.


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    Jul 10, 2009
    Thanks for responding. My old router simply won't work, I've tried it.
    I live in France and they've sent me a neufbox router which uses an ADSL filter to connect to the phone socket. I've no idea how to reset the paramaters. Do you?


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    Usually the router has a tiny pinhole somewhere in the back or in the bottom with a tiny button recessed into it. While it's on, you push a pin into the hole and depress the button for a few seconds then release. The router will reboot with all the factory settings restored.

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