Why hello everyone!

I quick question about a little networking issue I have been having and I have tried a million things, the last thing to try is a new airport card. I talked to a tech guy at a local apple dealer today and he agreed I should put in a new card but I wanted to get your opinion as well. The problem began around christmas time. It was very close to a system update but I have know way of knowing if this was the problem. The wireless seems to work better now than it did before, but only a marginal increase, the problem might be temperature dependent, i've found it works better when first turned on or if i use SMC fan control to speed up the fans but i'm not sure if that is the actual root of the problems?

Computer: 13inch Macbook- 2ghz, SMC 1.4f12, Airport Extreme firmware version 1.4.4

Weak wireless strength- I only get full status if I am within 4 feet of a router, poor reception in places I used to get perfect reception, can't get internet in a lot of places I used too

Constant Wireless dropout- I frequently suffer from the connection being dropped which is especially annoying using msn messenger because it often doesn't tell me till way after the fact when messages havn't been delivered

Bluetooth module unavailable- Infrequently the bluetooth module is not available and can't be used, this seems to line up with times of very poor reception

Things I have Tried:
Reset the pram
Reinstalled OSX
Opened computer to make sure card was properly seated, antennas were properly connected and no wire pinches
A myriad of random fixes I have seen on the internet

So the Question at the end of the day is: Should I order and put in a new airport card to fix my problems? Thanks,