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    File Sharing Problems w/ Windows XP
    Hi all,

    The longer I have my MacBook Pro, the more unreliable file sharing with Windows becomes. It's at the point now where it doesn't work at all.

    I'm trying to share files with my existing PC running Windows XP. MBP is on wireless connection through Linksys router.

    When opening Macintosh HD, I can see the name of my XP machine and I can view the files on the XP machine but I can't transfer files...although this USED to work. When I attempt a transfer, it appears to start but just hangs, or, it transfers only parts of files very SLOWLY. I've restarted both machines numerous times and still nothing. Occasionally when attempting to open my XP machine, I will receive a 'connection failed' message.

    I have Internet access via wireless (so wireless is ok), I've verified that my shared folders are active in Windows and I've made sure that both workgroup names are the same.

    I'm at my wits end and very frustrated. Any help is appreciated!


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    Can you provide some more details on how you are trying to access the file sharing (are you trying to map the drive via wireless connection or are you using the 'net use' command?) and the exact text of the error message you receive.....

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    Folders and drives are shared in Win XP with permissions set to full access for everyone.

    I'm attempting to access files on the XP box from within my MBP. Upon opening Macintosh HD, I can see my XP box under the shared folders, I can view the folders and files, but I cannot open or transfer files across the network. It's also very slow when drilling down through the subfolders, i.e, going from "my documents" to "my pictures" to any additional subfolders/files. Make sense?

    If I right-click and click "get info" on a file located on the XP box, at the bottom of the info window under sharing and permissions it says "you can read and write.

    What's very strange is that I never used to have trouble with this. The longer I've had the computer, the more unreliable sharing has become...almost as if the software updates have something to do with this not functioning correctly. Perhaps Snow Leopard will address the problem.

    Otherwise, I'm completely dumbfounded.


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