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    airport turns off and can't be turned back on without restart

    The Airport on my Macbook has begun to do something strange. After a few hours of being on and connected to my home wifi, it randomly turns off. Then I can not turn it back on by clicking it. When I click it, it does nothing. It is like it is frozen. Even when I run the diagnostics it says that it is off, but I still can not turn it back on without restarting my computer.

    I have been using this daily for over a year, and this has never occurred until recently.

    Any ideas or help? It is very anyone, especially when you are in the middle of doing something, and have to restart the computer!



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    Sounds like a defective or intermittent airport card in your MacBook.

    Run the Apple Hardware Test with your original install media: Link The AHT may or may not detect something wrong since the problem is likely intermittent.

    If the card is defective, it's possible to change it out yourself. See the following article at the "ifixit" web site. Link


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