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    Wireless range on my Mac Book Pro
    I have 2 laptops, a Mac Book Pro and a top spec Sony Vaio. I am sharing an internet connection with my neighbour who has the router in his apartment. The thing is that the Mac which is my preferred computer has a much weaker wireless signal than the PC. Does anyone know a way of boosting the signal on the receiver end for the Mac Book Pro?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The MBP because of its metal casing sometimes does not do as well with a weaker signal than a comparable poly plastic MacBook or a PC.

    Several things you can try:

    1. Move closer to the signal or try re-orienting the MBP for maximum signal.

    2. Add on card with antenna. Note - this works but can be expensive since the high gain antenna cards tend to be a bit pricey. Here's a link that you can go to and decide if that's for you. By the way, the Radio Labs line of wireless cards are high quality and do work quite well.


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    You could also try extending out the wireless network. Adding an Airport Express or another repeater should do the trick.

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