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    My MacBook cannot find my Airport Extreme basestation
    All of a sudden my MacBook cannot connect to my Airport Extreme basestation.

    First it was having issues connecting to the Internet. I fed the ethernet direct to my machine instead and it connected fine, so I assumed the issue was the Airport settings. I poked about and all seemed well, but still did not work.

    Then I thought doing a soft reset would help. It went off then came back on and the amber light blinked for a long time and carried on blinking. In the end I unplugged the power and started back up again.

    Now there is a permanent amber light and the Airport utility cannot find the base station at all. I then tried to hard reset but nothing happened the light just stays on.

    Is there anything else I can do or is the thing just broken? BTW I'm running 10.5.7. No idea what the firmware was on the box - no way of telling now

    I'd really appreciate the help if anyone knows what I can try next.

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    when this happened to me, i was using time capsule, i restarted it because it could never find it with the amber blinking light, if that didn't work then i unplugged and replugged. Use aiport utility once it finds it there and look at the errors.

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