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Thread: setting up a wireless router

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    Jun 26, 2009
    setting up a wireless router
    i have a 15" macbook pro running os x 10.5.7
    the wireless router is a d-link di-524
    i have two ethernet cables

    I have a dorm type set up internet that reaches us via satalite.
    if i plug the laptop directly into the ethernet connection i have immediate access to the internet. if i connect from the wall to the d-link then to the computer i cannot connect to the internet however i can type to open the router info screens. running the wizzard gives me a 401, message that is no help to me. i had the same problem with this router running a titanium g4.

    i do not speek computer language. i need a step by step of what info i need and where to put it so that i can use this router. having my laptop chained to the wall is no good. i would also appreciate it if someone could provide information so that just my computer can access the router.

    thanks to anyone who can help

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    My guess would be that there's an IP conflict with the router. Most routers will detect the IP address of the WAN connection and then change the range to compensate.

    I would recommend doing the following first:

    1. Disconnect all cables from the router.
    2. Find the recessed "Reset" button on the rear or bottom of the router.
    3. With a pen or paperclip, press and hold the reset button.
    4. Continue to hold the button and plug the power in.
    5. Continue holding for 30 seconds and release.
    6. Plug the Ethernet cable from the Internet Service Provider into the WAN or Internet port on the back on the router.
    7. Wait about 30 seconds, then connect a computer to one of the four open ports on the back of the router.
    8. Wait about 30 seconds and attempt to access the Internet.
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    i've done that wthe less time to no avail. but i followed your instructions with 30 second intervals still cannot connect thru the wireless router even with the cable running from port 1 to laptop.

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    Sounds like the router was never initially configured? I remember when I set up my Linksys router a long time ago, I had to run a configuration CD, but I had to do it on a PC since it was an executable file. Can you try running that wizard on a PC that is directly connected to the router to see if that will do anything?

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    Jun 26, 2009
    i dont have that disc anymore. lost in a flood.
    i had this same problem setting it up originally upon purchase. the disc did not help then either. i had to have someone come and input the right data so that it would connect to the internet. i need someone with that experience now.

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    What is this Satellite internet? Just a jack in the wall you plug into? No modem or anything? Do you know who the Satellite provider is? Also if you plug the computer directly into that jack in the wall, open System Preferences and Network and click on built-in Ethernet. What IP Address does it show there and Subnet Mask and Router.

    I have a Dlink DI-524 here I can mess with and I might be able to help you with the settings to get it working.

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    Jun 26, 2009
    ip adress
    subnet mask
    hughes net is the satalite provider. i am unsure of the setup they are using to distribute the internet signal

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    Jun 26, 2009
    i was able to locate the dlink disk that i belived was lost. however, none of the files can be read. except for the manual which only seems to talk about pc based platforms.
    clicking on the .exe icons opens up a windows of jibberish and a note that says this program cannot be run in dos mode.

    ideas or suggestions????

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