Hi there everyone.
I have been reading these forums for several hours and couldn't find the answer to my specific question, apologies if it's out there and I missed it.

I get my internet access from Virgin Media in the Uk. It comes via a cable modem.

I use a Macbook Pro connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable. I recently bought a Wifi Enabled Kodak All-In-One printer.

I have also purchased (But not received yet) a brand new Airport Extreme Base Station.

The plan is to connect the Extreme to the cable modem. Run the Macbook Pro Wirelessly from the Extreme and hopefully the printer too.

My question is, time and again I am reading you need a USB cable to connect the printer to the Extreme station. Can I connect it wirelessly too?

Would be 100% easier as the printer was meant to be tucked away in a cupboard.

Hope this makes sense and very much appreciate any response.
Thank you.