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    Ok I am new to this forum so I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. I own a macbook with a Timecapsule and everything works fine. My first question is

    1) How do I know if the Timecapsule has all of my Itunes ?. I was not able to access my music files from the Timecapsule and this concerns me. The only reason I have the Timecapsule is so if something happens to my Macbook(lost , stolen) my music collection will be backed up. I am a Dj and this is very important to me.

    2) I would like to erase the entire Timecapsule memory and start over. I own a 500GB and it is almost full. I dont know why this is the case. I only have about 40GB worth of info on my Macbook. Is this even possible , if so how ?


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    It's my understanding that it keeps "taking pictures" of your machine every hour. When the hard drive fills up, it just deletes the oldest entry to make room for the next backup.

    I'm trying to decide if there is any reason to get the new Time Capsule or the older, cheaper one. Also, this hourly backup is for the birds. I believe there is a third party (free) app that allows you to alter the backup times.

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    1) You'll need to provide more info than "I was not able to access ..."

    You were not able to browse your Time Capsule? You couldn't browse to the location of your music library? ...

    Your music will be located in the same place in your TC's Finder window as it's location on your internal drive.

    2. Yes, it is possible for the TC to be full, even with only 40GB currently on your drive. Particularly if you move a lot of stuff around, download and remove a lot of software, music, etc., or make a lot of changes to the drive.

    If you don't need any of the past data and the TC is full, it's perfectly fine to start over again. Am about to do the same with my 1 TB TC.

    edit: Ref the 1 hr backups - don't understand why there would be any opposition to this. Once your initial full backup is done, I have not noticed any slow downs or other issues with having TM on, running and backing up 2 Mac's at a time. If there are no changes, it does nothing since it does incremental backups.

    There are issues if TM is turned off for a period of time and you then end up with a lot of data to backup. It can in this case, slow down your internet/download speed if you're using it as the router for your wifi connection. Have never noticed this slow down while leaving it on the hourly setting.
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