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    Staying with my grandparents for a while, getting tired of switching the cable every time I want to get online (not to mention feel like I'm stepping on their toes when they want to get online and I'm on!). Here's what I have:

    My MacBook Pro (The newish 17" from early 2009)
    My Airport express
    My ethernet cables (2)
    My networking switch

    Their Windows XP Dell from about 7 years ago
    Their DSL connection with router
    Their ethernet cable

    I would like to network my computer to theirs so we can be online at the same time. How do I do it? (Other than talk them into buying an iMac, that is). I'm not opposed to going out and buying new equipment. One thing, I tried simply plugging everything into the switch. My internet connection runs fine, but their computer can't connect, which makes me think there's something relatively simple I can do in Windows to connect it...just don't know what it is! Please help. Thanks!

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    If its a wireless connection you can run it through airport and connect a ethernet cable from the mac to the PC and turn wireless sharing on through ethernet.

    Thats what I did to run my mac and my PS3 at the same time.

    If its not wireless then I'm sorry but I can't help you.
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