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    I broke my Aunt's internet...
    Hello All,
    I'm new here and wanted to say hi (and also HELP!) I am not too familiar with macs, but I am currently trying to decide if a mac would be right for me, since I want to get a new laptop. Anyway, I'm staying with my aunt this summer and she has a mac desktop as her only computer. I brought my pc with me and I have been trying to connect to the wireless (my pc will see the connection but refuses to connect, even though I have the correct key.)

    So I was trying something new last night and I unplugged the modem from the wall, thinking that maybe the whole system just needed a reset (please note that this was a really dumb thing to do, since I don't know anything about macs and I haven't even been able to figure out how it is connected to the internet in the first place.)

    I had instructions (from my dad who initially set up the router) that said to unplug the modem from the power and then unplug the router. Plug the modem back in and wait two minutes, then plug in the router and wait one minute.

    Of course, when I tried this is caused a complete disaster and the internet won't work at all. When I did the network diagnostic it said the router was good, the network was yellow (I think this is where the problem is) and the isp "failed" the internet "failed" and there was a third thing which "failed" but I cannot remember what it is.

    I tried doing the auto configure option in the network section of the system preferences. That did not work.

    I just don't know enough about macs and I am really frustrated and my aunt is pretty ticked off. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can fix this problem I would really appreciate any information you are willing to share. I have the key and the pass phrase but I don't know where to enter those. That might be the problem, I just don't know enough.

    The router has all of the normal lights blinking and lit up. The modem also has all of the appropriate lights on.

    Please let me know if you need any more information. I will try to get it from my aunt, since I am at work and cannot get online at her house (eek!)

    Thank you!!

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    The modem should have a reset switch, Its small,on the front or back,you may need a paper clip to push it. Good luck.

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    Not always. The Motorola SB51XX cable modems, for example, have no reset switch on them (although older Motorola cable modems did).

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    katsup - how about providing models etc Aunts desktop is too vague. Is she connected by wireless or ethernet normally - what is the service cable or DSL. What is providing wireless that you were trying to connect to - nfo needed.

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    You might not know the answers for these questions, but if you can it will help us help you. Does your aunt have DSL? Cable? What brand is the Modem? Model number?

    Is this router an Apple router or something else? If something else, brand and model please. With that info we can probably help you get this sorted.

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